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GAIA is an intelligent customer support system informing users about the safe and efficient use of dietary supplements and reform foods.

Complex products are decomposed into effective ingredients which are characterized individually based on their clinically proven effects.

Too many complex products? Not sure what to choose?

Many dietary supplements contain active ingredients that have strong biological effects in the human body.

GAIA Effects
This could make them unsafe in some situations and hurt or complicate your health condition. For example, the following actions could lead to harmful ‒ even life-threatening ‒ consequences.
Combining supplements Using supplements with medicines (whether prescription or over-the-counter) Substituting supplements for prescription medicines Taking too much of some supplements, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, or iron Some supplements can also have undesired effects before, during, and after surgery
Dietary supplements may or may not be clinically tested, however, clinically proven effects of active ingredients are usually available, therefore customers can be informed on best practices when taking dietary supplements. IMPORTANT to know that combination of the active ingredients can also lead to undesired and unknown effects. Moreover the daily cumulative doses should also be considered when combining the dietary supplements.

How can I be smart supplement shopper?

When searching for supplements on the internet, use noncommercial and manufacturer independent sites (e.g. NIH, FDA, USDA) rather than depending on information from sellers. If claims sound too good to be true, they probably are. Be mindful of product claims such as “works better than [a prescription drug],” “totally safe,” or has “no side effects.” Be aware that the term natural doesn’t always means safe. Ask your healthcare provider if the supplement you’re considering would be safe and beneficial for you.

Always remember ‒ safety first!

GAIA is a seller independent site collecting information on ingredients used in dietary supplement products.

GAIA informs you on the outcome of human clinical studies providing you reliable evidence on certain ingredients and supporting you to find the right dietary supplement. Information is highly recommended to be shared with your medical advisor, doctor!


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