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Drug Discovery from Natural Products

Herbal Discovery Platform (HDP) supports drug discovery and development of new chemical entities from Natural products by idea generation through ethnobotanical information related to phytochemistry or pharmacognosy.

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Scientifically enabled Platform for DataShare

Curated Knowledge-base enabled with Scientific Software Solutions offers an attractive opportunity for from small to large data providers for offering their data to a broad audience.

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GAIA the evidence-based consumer database

Scientific facts-based knowledge base supporting consumers in the selection of Complementary Herbal Medicine, Dietary Supplements by providing easy to understand information derived from scientific facts.

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Try Herbal Discovery Platform

A unique herbal database that supports the discovery of new drugs from natural products and new natural products by offering evidence-based knowledge for scientists.

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Global Scientific Herbal Database
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Intuitive and easy to use UI
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High Quality Crosschecked Data including unreleased datasets
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Enabled with Scientific Intelligence

Our approach

contentReverse Pharmacology supportedClinical studies addedEthnobotanical UsesCheminformatics includedSemi-automatic knowledge extraction for Data CurationVisual Data Mining for visualization
contentVisual Data Mining for visualizationEthnobotanical UsesSemi-automatic knowledge extraction for Data CurationCheminformatics includedReverse Pharmacology supportedClinical studies added
contentClinical studies addedReverse Pharmacology supportedSemi-automatic knowledge extraction for Data CurationCheminformatics includedEthnobotanical UsesVisual Data Mining for visualization
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